Smouldering war Georgia-Russia

2008, August 17th Statement
mercoledì 28 gennaio 2009.

The war which is smouldering between Georgia and Russia doesn’t arrive unexpectedly: it is a consequence of the decay the imperialist bourgeoisie drowns the popular masses of the whole world in, it is the fruit of revisionist regimes’ collapse and of the new freedom to act of capitalists, freed from the ties which communist movement had imposed them with the proletarian revolution first wave.

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Smouldering war Georgia-Russia
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The economic, political, social, intellectual, moral and environmental deterioration of former socialist countries is the best the imperialist bourgeoisie has succeeded in doing in an attempt to dismantle the socialist field and to restore its rule all over the world.


USA imperialists and the Zionists have taken, as once the Nazi-Fascists did, the lead of the other imperialist groups in pillaging or in supporting the pillage of former socialist countries.



(PNG) USA imperialists, with a particular support of Zionist groups, have succeeded, by the “revolution of roses” fabricated by their NGOs in 2003, in causing to prevail in Georgia (70,000 square kilometres and five million inhabitants) a more serviceable puppet government to their design to firmly install themselves in former Soviet Republics of Central Asia and to crack the resistance of Russian authorities to their penetration in former socialist field. To create the new government, USA imperialists and Zionist groups had to rely on the most reactionary and chauvinistic characters and forces of Georgia. The head of new government, Mikhail Saakashvili, personally was a United-States lawyer. The new authorities, consistent with their nature, have not only quickened, against Georgian masses, the elimination of the residual attainments of socialist epoch, but they have also strengthened the oppression over Ossetes’, Abkhasians’ and Adjarians’ minorities, who at Soviet Union’s times and until 1991 had been living with their own regional autonomy within the confines of Georgia Soviet Republic. The government of anti-communist Georgia’s first President, Zviad Gamsakhurdia, before, at the beginning of the 1990s had tried to suppress the autonomy they enjoyed. But it had clashed a resolute armed resistance. Ossetes, Abkhasians and Adjarians, as many other Soviet Union’s peoples, even if haven’t been able to defend their socialist attainments, still they are not so far in bad condition as to submit to all oppression of reactionary regimes formed after USSR break-up. Saakashvili government was convinced it could rely on USA, NATO and Zionist support, seeing that, besides, it had sent more than 2,000 men to Iraq, in turn, to give USA aggression a helping hand. But it has been out in its reckonings. On Friday August 8th morning it has attempted to seize Southern Ossetia by means of a surprise attack against Russian authorities, which under the agreements of last years keep troops in Ossetia and in Abkhatia. It relied on a quick USA and NATO military support. But Russian authorities have reacted with vigour. The result is another step forward taken by the level of chaos, poverty and war in the whole zone of former socialist field.


The situation of economic and political deterioration in former socialist countries like Russia is the consequence of capitalism restoration. Since revisionists have taken over, in the 1950s, the helm of the main communist parties arisen during proletarian revolution first wave, they have broken off the march towards communism the working class and the rest of popular masses of these countries were accomplishing, led by the communists, and have started a phase of gradual restoration of capitalism. A gradual restoration that from the 1960s to the end of the 1980s have caused the elimination of communism germs which had been built, the restoration of capitalist economy’s components which had been demolished and the consolidation of the ones not yet forereached: trade relations among firms, unearned incomes, individual accumulation of wealth, use of accumulated wealth as capital, free private economic enterprise, etc.

In that early phase the bourgeoisie of imperialist countries had given a more or less disguised support to revisionists, but its action was impeded by the contradictions inside the very socialist countries, by the left wing of the communist parties of those countries and by the residual strength, too, of international communist movement.

At 1980s end, with USSR’s and East Europe socialist countries’ dissolution, the restoration has received an intense acceleration. A new phase begins, characterized by the quick and at-all-costs restoration of capitalism, by the violent elimination of residual decorous living and working conditions of popular masses and of working class.


The decline of the communist movement, which has world-wide lost the leadership of the main communist parties, has enabled the imperialist bourgeoisie to lay down the law in every corner of the world.

The capitalist system is prey to its second general crisis for absolute overproduction of capital. Imperialist bourgeoisie is forced to change radically the economic, political and cultural set-ups built at the end of first crisis, to prop up its social system of luxury and waste for the few and of exploitation and poverty for the many and of devastation of our planet. Imperialist bourgeoisie, to get out of the first general crisis, has forced the whole mankind to suffer two world wars: what will it force us to suffer to get out of this second crisis? We partly have already been experiencing it for some years, but the worst will be yet to come if the communist movement’s renewal won’t reverse the course of things.

It is not a question of personal wickedness of single capitalists: it is the bourgeoisie’s attempt to keep afloat its decaying social system, based on workers’ and workmen’s exploitation and only working on condition that one capitalist or the other makes a profit on this exploitation in productive activity.

Imperialist bourgeoisie is today headed by USA, by Vatican and by Zionists and it doesn’t suffer the pressure and the threat of a new, strong communist movement, yet. It still has a free hand to pillage and destroy, today. For approximately 30 years it has been waging an undeclared extermination war against popular masses in every corner of the world: it has been extending and intensifying oppressed countries’ pillage, eliminating civilization and welfare attainments of popular masses of imperialist countries, and it has flung itself upon the former socialist countries in an attempt to extend its rule and the exploitation ground to million workmen and to their technological and ambient resources.

When communist movement was strong, the conditions of workmen were much better than present ones in imperialist countries too. Now, on the contrary, in imperialist countries the workmen and the popular masses live and work in conditions which quickly turn close to the ones of 100 years ago.

The imperialists (USA ahead) claim to be champions of liberty and exporters of freedom, but it is the liberty of the masters to exploit, to pollute, to kill. All the countries oppressed by imperialist bourgeoisie’s armies and by capitalists’ exploitation have already been for a long time discovering what imperialists have to export. The champions of liberty are in fact promoters in their own countries and exporters in the rest of the world of the economic, political, social, intellectual, moral and environmental disaster we have been suffering for decades.


USA imperialists, with the Globalization (i.e. freedom to act of capitalist enterprises in all countries), the Privatization and the growing importance of Financial activities in the economic system (GPF), have wormed their way into all countries, except the ones whose Authorities put, somehow, their feet down - and USA imperialists has termed them as “miscreant countries”, assaulting them or trying to cut off and to boycott them in the name of the “war against terrorism” and of the “right to democracy and freedom” (of the masters). Actually, USA imperialists have been the first to do real business by the adoption of the line of GPF, and USA State has done everything to support them. The bourgeoisie of most countries of the world has followed the line of GPF because under its cover it could more resolutely carry on with elimination of attainments of its own country’s popular masses, even though the role of every one of the States following USA imperialists’ line came out weakened by that. But this process haven’t caused the creation of a Super State (as subjectivists like T. Negri suppose): it has instead caused competition, chaos and war.

Imperialist bourgeoisie has reckoned, and is keeping on reckoning, without its host. The course it has given the things, its “new world order” generates growing resistances both on the part of various countries’ authorities and on the part of popular masses. For different reasons the ruling classes of various countries are not disposed to follow the line imposed by USA imperialists. And then again the popular masses are not disposed to tolerate the worsening of living conditions which the ruling classes whish to impose them. Ruling classes themselves have to consider this resistance of popular masses. In some countries the prevailing aspect is the unwillingness of ruling classes to submit to the “new world order” that USA imperialists and the Zionists whish to impose. In other countries the aspect of the resistance of popular masses is most important.

The fact is that USA imperialists, though for different reasons, are in difficulties before various countries: China, Russia, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Pakistan, Syria, North Korea, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Somalia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Venezuela, other countries of Latin America, etc.


In former socialist countries the power has been taken over by the most corrupt revisionists, by the profiteers and criminals grown up under the revisionist regimes and by the heirs of the pro-Fascist and pro-Nazi groups fled abroad, schooled by the imperialists and got back once the revisionist regime has collapsed.

The socialist field had allowed local particularities to endure and to develop, even though the protection or even the development of local particularities meant in some cases the maintenance, too, of backwardness in cultural ground and in social relations. In the scope of socialism these would have disappeared with time. The new bourgeois regimes established in former socialist countries have instead tried to suppress these local particularities on the pretext of “new national identity”, imposed by fascist methods (popular masses’ reactionary mobilization). It is the case of Georgia as regards the regions of Ossetia, Abkhatia and Adjaria. This imposition has still further divided the popular masses since the differences, anyway, in the scope of capitalist relations restored in the former socialist countries, become contrasts because the social and individual relations are based on competition: or me or you. This is capitalist law!

In most former socialist countries however imperialist bourgeoisie doesn’t find it easy. Just in some cases it has succeeded in establishing puppet governments which effectively forward its demands and succeed (though with doubtful and precarious outcomes) in subjecting the popular masses to imperialist exploitation. Subject to exploitation popular masses of a former socialist country is no easy matter.

The experience of former socialist countries’ working class and popular masses, mortified by years of revisionist leadership as it may be, induces the proletarians not to supinely bend to exploiters. Imperialist bourgeoisie, to have a freer hand over former socialist countries, has so to make the living conditions of popular masses even poorer, it has to recruit the worst dregs among fascists, traffickers, mafiosi and murderers who unscrupulously succeed in dividing popular masses and in driving them to clash one another. To lead popular masses of these countries to poverty and to despair, the bourgeoisie has to resurrect the worst of the junks of past, of backward medieval cultural heritage, which communist movement had only partly forereached. The most extreme and violent reactionary mobilization is the only way by means of which imperialist bourgeoisie succeeds in laying hands on former socialist countries.


The real absentee today in the countries oppressed and assaulted by the imperialists, in the former socialist countries and in imperialist countries too, is a strong communist movement which fights against the bourgeoisie for the establishment of new socialist countries.

But the communist movement’s renewal is progressing.

1. USA government has by now settled in numerous countries in all continents. It has extended the network of its espionage, surveillance, police, political and military agencies in most countries of the world and makes a thousand efforts to still further extend and consolidate it. It tries to reduce all countries to the standing of USA protectorates. But the interventions and the pushiness of USA government arouse growing reluctance even among the allies, the henchmen and the servants of USA imperialists. The promised or dangled loot before their eyes with the aggressions doesn’t satisfy, also when there is some, the imperialist bandits, it is not equal to the need of increase in value of their capital. Enterprises installation in former socialist countries has growing costs and presents increasingly high risks for the most aggressive imperialist profiteers too. Effectively only the war economy, the market of arms, of drug, of prostitution, of organs, the criminal activities, the speculations and the pillage are lucrative. Establish capitalist enterprises in the assaulted countries is no easy task! It’s still far and difficult an objective. The aggressions’ military outcomes too are more and more scarce, doubtful, precarious. The resistance of assaulted countries grows stronger, as the hatred for USA imperialists and for their henchmen, in an increasing number of countries which the threat of aggression is hanging over.

The unity of the mobilization against repression and imperialist war with the mobilization against elimination of civilization and welfare attainments which popular masses had snatched from the bourgeoisie under communists’ leadership, also strengthens inside USA and other imperialist countries.

2. The propagation of communist parties, the diffusion of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as their guiding theory, the propagation of countries in which communist parties adopt and wage the protracted revolutionary people’s war, whose brightest example is the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), are the signals of communist movement’s renewal. The key to lead to a higher level the proletarian revolution’s second wave that keeps developing in the world, consists in taking resolutely the road to socialist revolution in imperialist countries, derived from a correct stocktaking of proletarian revolution first wave’s experience and from a correct analysis of present situation: the protracted revolutionary people’s war!

There is no solution to the condition of precariousness, brutishness, poverty, hunger, war and death which imperialist bourgeoisie leads the popular masses of the whole world towards, except the demolition of its very social system. The capitalist system could endure only if the whole capital should find again the way to sufficiently increase in value. It could happen only after enormous destruction of the wealth and of the resources today existing. Only in that case the whole remaining capital could resume the production and the exploitation with the reconstruction. But the world would just end up to a new starting point, having sooner or later before itself a further future of crisis, poverty, hunger and death.

There is only one way to break that vicious circle, that chain which smothers the mankind under the weight of a cavemen system: to demolish capitalism, to establish socialism and to carry on the transformation of world till to the communism.

Only a system oriented to the planned production of good and services, which resolutely leaves the production of profit, which puts the mass of population under conditions that spur them to devote the best of their own resources and of their own energies to specifically human activities, can get us out of present decay. Only a society directed by organized workmen can increasingly get over the main problems of popular masses and make us get out of present decay. The planning of economic activity directed by organized workmen is superior to the free private enterprise of masters. The dictatorship of the proletariat is a superior social system compared to bourgeois “democracy”.

Socialism is our future!

The experience of first socialist countries’ working class and popular masses abounds in teachings.

Communist movement’s renewal is possible: it just requires a correct stocktaking of that experience and a correct grasp of the shortcomings which communist movement has not forereached during the proletarian revolution first wave.

In all imperialist countries the communist movement can and has to take advantage of the developing revolutionary situation which the very crisis of capitalist system has generated. To do that it has to provide itself with a correct stocktaking of proletarian revolution first wave’s experience, to set and to apply a correct line to build and to strengthen new communist parties which aim for making their own countries new socialist ones and to contribute this way to the communist movement’s renewal which keeps developing in the world.


In Italy the confusion is real, but communist movement’s renewal is advancing.

The bourgeois left wing has suffered a collapse it won’t recover from. Its remainder, its left-wing component is in total chaos. It keeps looking for solutions to its own crisis, to agreement and tie loss with working class, with workmen and with popular masses.

This situation enables the bourgeois right wing to act more freely than before, to carry out more in depth its “blood and tears” policy, to dismantle popular masses’ attainments without half-measures. Fascism, racism, violence and repression against immigrants, Rom, non-EU immigrants and against antifascists, anti-imperialists and communists spread and intensify.

Popular masses’ mobilization against fascist and racist regurgitation, against repression, against attainments’ elimination and against imperialist war has taken considerable steps forward and it needs a new leadership and a greater ideological, political and organizational autonomy from bourgeois left wing. This is a real opportunity for the communists of our country. The (new)Italian Communist Party has already clearly pointed out the significance and the content of communists’ autonomy from bourgeois left wing and it promotes the mobilization to strengthen it.

Actually, (new)Italian Communist Party, aware of the developing revolutionary situation which characterizes the current phase, has set among its chief objectives, since the work for its construction, the assimilation of a correct world view (based on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism), the correct stocktaking of proletarian revolution first wave’s experience and the definition of a correct line of action to make Italy a new socialist country: the protracted revolutionary people’s war. The result of this work is gathered in the Manifesto Program of (new)Italian Communist Party, in its review La Voce [ The Voice ] and in its Statements.

The theoretical patrimony of the Party is not only an essential instrument to rightly read what happens around us. It is also the attainment of ideological autonomy from bourgeois left wing which communist movement today needs for its renewal. That’s why the Party invites those who already recognize that to make the revolution a revolutionary theory is needed, to contribute to the debate about this patrimony and to its assimilation.


By a correct orientation and a correct line, every victory becomes possible!


Assimilate the communist world view expounded in the Manifesto Program of (new)Italian Communist Party, verify and enrich it in the practice of the class struggle!


Let’s more and more deeply unite to the peoples that from end to end of the world are resisting the imperialists’ aggression war and the undeclared extermination war perpetrated by imperialist bourgeoisie and by the other reactionary forces!


The struggle to make Italy a new socialist country is the necessary context so that the political awareness and the organization of native and immigrated people’s masses of Italy grow in large and their struggle for the attainments’ defence and widening and for a respectable and secure job for everybody, their resistance to the progression of the crisis, their struggle against the high cost of living, against speculators and against the Papal Court and the other Authorities that support them, against the fascist and racist activity of fascist action squads members and against the Criminal Organizations, for civilization and welfare, strongly and successfully develop!


Let the most advanced workmen, women, young people enlist in the ranks of communist Party, of the organisms of the resistance and of the mass organizations and contribute to the communist movement’s renewal!


Strengthen the central clandestine structure of (new)Italian Communist Party, multiply the number of the clandestine Party Committees and improve their running, develop the work on the four fronts pointed out in the Work General Plan!


Build in every firm, habitation zone, mass organization a clandestine committee of the (new)Italian Communist Party!